Author: BYE was originally hacked together by: Dave Hardy, Keith Petersen, Howard Moulton (I think), Bruce Ratoff, and Ben Bronson. -pst 10/21/85
Additional Notes:
BYE is a program that relocates underneath the CCP of your CP/M 2.2 system. It parallels modem I/O to the BIOS console I/O jumps. It also monitors the system for breaches in security and loss of carrier. BYE can be used to run a BBS under CP/M or a RCP/M (Remote CP/M) system. NOTES: BYE3 is not surpassed by the BYE5 series. These are two different programs, which were desigend with two different philosophies.
b3c-dd.ins () This insert should read the clock from a Digital Dynamics SpeedPro5 clock card. The SpeedPro5 uses a 5832 chip.
b3cp-2.ins () CompuPro Interfacer 3 or 4, System Support 1 systems (2651)
b3c-5832.ins () Generic OKI Semiconductor MSM5832 Clock Routine
b3c-leg2.ins () TIME routine for BYE3 running on Kaypro 2 with a Legacy RTC.
b3sa-2.ins () This insert should adapt BYE3 to the Sanyo MBC1200/1250 computer systems. The MBC1200/1250 uses an 8251 USART with an internal baudrate generator.
b3ov-2.ins () Osborne Vixen insert for BYE3 8251A with BIOS routines setting baud rate
b3ap-2.ins () Apple II with Mountain CPS serial card (2651)
b3c-6242.lbr () OKI Semiconductor MSM6242 Clock Routine for BYE3xx
b3r4-2.ins () Radio Shack TRS-80 Model IV (1685 and 19411)
b3h8-2.ins () Heath/Zenith H89 (8250 I/O at 2 MHz.)
b3ad-2.ins () Advanced Digital Super Quad & Super Six (Dart and 8116)
b3ph-2.ins () Philips "Happy Man" P2000C (SIO and CTC)
bye3-ins.inf () List of serial inserts for BYE 3.
asmb3.sub () Submit file for building BYE3
b3zb-3.ins () Zorba (8251 and 8254-2)
b3sb-2.ins () Intertec Superbrain (8251 and 19411 timer)
b3c-ss1.ins () Clock routine for the System Support 1
b3c-kp4.ins () Clock insert for BYE335 and later and the KayPro 4-84
b3cm+1.ins () Cermetek Infomate 212A modem control package
b3r1-2.ins () TRS-80 Model I insert for BYE3 TR1602 I/O and BR19411 baudrate generator
b3c-kct.ins () This insert is for the Z80 piggyback clock chip from: Kenmore Computer Technology 20 Londers Rd. Kenmore, N.Y. (716) 877-0617
b3ep-1.ins () Epson QX-10 (201 MPSC and 4618 RTC)
b3c-bin.ins () Zilog Z80A CTC Binary Clock
b3am-2.ins () AMPRO "Little Board" (Dart and CTC)
b3c-xero.ins () This insert is for a Xerox 820-II running BYE3. This routine will only work on a Xerox 820-II, not an 820. It will also (most likely) work on the 16/8 as well.
b3kp-2.ins () Kaypro 2/4/10 serial port driver Z80-SIO and 8116 baudrate generator
bye339.lbr () BYE v3.39
b3hz-2.ins () Heath/Zenith -100 series (2661B at 4.9152 MHz.)
b3us-2.ins () US Robotics S-100 plug in modem board (8251)
b3os-2.ins () Osborne OS-1
b3dp-2.ins () Insert for Datapoint 1560 with 8251A and 8430 CTC timer 3.6864 MHz
b3r3-2.ins () Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III (1602) ()
b3tv-2.ins () TeleVideo TS-802 with external modem (SIO and CTC)
b3ea-2.ins () Eagle II and Eagle III (SIO and CTC)
b3ac-2.ins () Apple II with Novation Apple-Cat modem card
b3c-qx10.ins () QX-10 RTC clock code for BYE3
b3md-2.ins () Morrow MicroDecision computer (8251 and Intel 8253)
b3r2-2.ins () BYE3 Insert for TRS-80 2/12/16/16B SIO I/O and CTC 8430 timer
b3c-bbii.ins () TIME routine for BYE3 running on BigBoard_II
b3b2-0.ins () Big Board II
b3pmmi-4.asm () Potomic Micro Magic Incorporated modem routines for BYE3 PMMI S-100 Card
b3c-kpro.ins () TIME routine for BYE3 running on Kaypro 2 with Pro-Clock
b3cc-2.ins () This version is for both the CCS-2719 and Sierra Data Science S-100 serial I/O boards (Z-80 SIO)
b3c-cw.ins () Clock routine for the CompuTime/QT clock card.
b3xe-2.ins () Xerox 820 (SIO and 8116)