Author: Richard Wheeler and Dan Zehme
Additional Notes:
Richard Wheeler writes "My name is Richard Wheeler, and myself, along with Dan Zehme, were the authors of "The Classy System" BBS software that ran under CP/M, athough it was optimized for the Epson QX-10, a Z-80 based computer produced in the early 80s. The system was the first BBS that we were aware of that used escape codes for full screen cursor control. The system originated in 1982, and was fully operational by early 1983. There were more than a few Classy Systems (on the order of 12, at one point). Each was assigned a name chronologically, in the form of a latin number. The orginal system was "Classy System Primus", which ran on my system, while Dan Zehme's system was "The Classy System Secondus", and so forth. As mentioned, there were as many as 12 numbered system, but there were rarely that many operating. The systems did not operate in any kind of node system like Fido. The software itself was written in Cbasic, and mostly ran on QX-10s with 2 5.25 floppy drives, although some systems ran on early Comdex hard drive systems. It had the typical BBS message board functions, as well as the traditional download area. On systems without hard drives, it was custom to allow the B: to contain the download library, and this was rotated on a daily basis. There was also a mini-version that allowed use with an Epson HX-20 (with a very small screen). There was a 2.0 version developed, but never implemented. It had more advanced full screen control for features such as word wrap, a menu driven download page and consideration for a node type system."