Additional Notes:
HBBS was written by Irv Hoff, based on Russ Pencin's PBBS, based on Simon Erwin's EMX.
This software was used to run the Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association (PRACSA) in
San Jose, CA.

From the welcome.bbs file:
Hello and welcome to the PRACSA RCPM, Los Altos Hills, CA (415) 948-2513

               85 Mb system with 300-1200-2400-9600 bps
                  Sysop Irv Hoff (415) 948-2166 voice
       PRACSA President David McCord (415) 948-3820 (work hours)

This system is  operated by the  Public Remote Access Computer Standards
Association  (PRACSA)  and is intended for the use of its members.  Mem-
bership information is available  on A0: drive.  Membership applications
can also be obtained from:

               PRACSA, P.O. Box 1204, San Jose, CA  95108

PRACSA is an organization of Sysops and interested computer enthusiasts.
We cooperate fully  with local telephone  companies and  law enforcement
agencies to pursue the prosecution and conviction of any person attempt-
ing unlawful access or anyone using this system for unlawful activities.

First-time users will be limited to 15 minutes access.  They are able to
leave the Sysop a private note by using the 'E' (enter message) command.
hbbs-1.lbr () Bulletin Board Message System () ()
hbbs-1su.lbr () Supplemental library for HBBS