Author: Kim Levitt
Additional Notes:
MBYE (MODULAR 'BYE') REMOTE CONSOLE PROGRAM FOR CP/M AND MODEM (includes optional support for MBBS(tm) msg system) See mbye45.inf for more information.
mbtrs3-2.asm () TRS-80 Model III UART I/O routines
mbotr-1.asm () Otrona Attache Specialized Routines
mbye45.lbr () Modular BYE (Modem I/O Redirector for CP/M) () ()
mbc-kpro.asm () CLOCK routine for MBYE running on Kaypro 2 with Pro-Clock
avatexsm.txt () Mod for MBYE to allow the use of Avatex 300/1200 baud modems. ()
mb8251-2.asm () 8251 USART Routines
mbpmmi-1.asm () Potomic Micro Magic Incorporated modem routines
mb7201-1.asm () 7201 MPSC UART I/O routines
mb2651-1.asm () National Semiconductor 2651 UART I/O routines
mbdch1-1.asm () D. C. Hayes MicroModem 100 Interface routines
mwhats10.lbr () Written by: Kim Levitt -- MBBS HQ RCP/M - (213) 653-6398 MWHATS10.CQM (WHATS.COM when unsqueezed) is a little MBBS utility program that I have whipped up to add some support for the MBBS upload description features of MBBS v4.0 when used with XMODEM (v11.7 & up with MBDESC feature enabled).
mblo-10.asm () Lobo Max-80 serial I/O routines
mbkmdovl.lbr () Overlays for MB KMD
mbzsio-2.asm () Zilog Z80-SIO/DART USART/UART routines ()
mfmsg20.lbr () A MBBS File-to-Message Utility by Lavern Ogden & Kim Levitt
mb-kmd11.lbr () RCP/M File Transfer Program (works with MBYE)
mbkmdovl.lst () List of overlays that can be found in MBKMDOVL.LBR
mbxmk484.lbr () Inserts to allow MBYE and XMDM to work on the Kaypro 4-84 internal modem.
mbkmd120.lbr () MB-KMD v1.20 - 02/17/87 - REMOTE CP/M FILE TRANSFER PROGRAM
mbk484-1.asm () Overlay for Kaypro 4'84 Internal Modem ()
mbyerig.001 () Idle activity monitor patch for MBYE
mbacat-1.asm () Novation Apple-Cat modem routines
mbyek10.doc () Using the 25th line for user info display on your Kaypro 10 () ()
mbmmii-1.asm () D. C. Hayes MicroModem ][ modem I/O routines
mb8250-1.asm () 8250 UART Routines