00-index.txt (4.0K)
0catalog.128 (4.0K)
bye72k.aqm ( 40K)
bye72k.asm ( 56K)
entrbbs.bas ( 32K)
entrbbs.bqs ( 24K)
exitrbbs.bas (8.0K)
exitrbbs.bqs (8.0K)
goodbye (4.0K)
minirbbs.bas ( 36K)
minirbbs.bqs ( 28K)
timeout.bas (8.0K)
timeout.bqs (8.0K)
umodem.lbr ( 68K)
util.bas ( 16K)
util.bqs ( 12K)
wildcat.txt (4.0K)
xmodem.lbr ( 44K)
Additional Notes:
CP/M completely confuses the structure of this directory. Since it could be run across many different hardware platforms, programs affiliated with one specific platform might actually run on more than one. I've done my best to make sense of it all, but reader beware.