Author: Bryan A. Nace (1984)
Versions: Version 1.3 (1984)
Additional Notes:
Calls itself PASCAL BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE. Interestingly, the program contains the following notice: "(C) Copyright Westinghouse Electric Corp 1984".

Brian Nace writes "I would never have guessed this program was still floating around in cyber-land. Just a note, the Westinghouse Copyright was a procedural requirement that I had to execute at the time. I worked at Westinghouse and took the old rbbs.asm (Z8080 assembler) version of the then popular program and converted it to Pascal. I needed to do this for inter-office communications for our field offices. This was before the commercial advent of the internet. I added some improvements in messages that gave the program virtually a form of email. So when I was done, in order for me to re-release it back into the public domain, Westinghouse required that I put the copyright notice in the header." () **** PasBBS ver 1.3 ****