Author: Ian Cottrell
Versions: Version 5.00 (1990)
Additional Notes:
The Public Bulletin Board System (PBBS) is written in Z-80 assembly. PBBS requires BYE in order to operate - it does no modem I/O itself.
fastpbbs.lbr (8.0K) (4.7K)
hp-fix01.ark (5.5K) This .ARK explains how to fix a BUG in HBBS/PBBS that allowed new users to _overlay_ ACTIVE users, and allowed new users whose last name began with "A" to put the system in an "endless loop". First in a series of FIXES and HACKS from Dick Roberts of The Holly Park RCP/M (201) 757-1491 [Still PCP] (5.2K)
laston10.lbr (7.2K) Beta versions of 2 new RCP/M utilities. Initially intended for PBBS Systems running BYE510 (require BYE510 for BYEBDOS calls), but can easily be modified for other BBSs. Complete SOURCE code will be released after initial 'bug-report' period. Please try them and report both positive and negative feedback. Thanks... [Holly Park RCP/M (201) 757-1491 2400 baud and still PC-Pursuit.] (5.5K)
mbb2pbbs.lbr (12K) Converts MBBS files to PBBS format (6.7K)
pbbs-50.lbr (220K) The Public Bulletin Board System v5.00 (173K)
pbbs.slr (2.3K) Notes on assembling PBBS with the SLR assembler
pbbs5fix.lbr (8.0K) This is a list of fixes and corrections for PBBS version 5.0  (5.5K)
pbbsup50.lbr (86K) PBBS v5.00 documenation and support files (69K)
pbbsutl4.lbr (8.2K) Utilities for PBBS v4.0 (6.3K)
pchat11.mac (7.7K) Chat routine for PBBS, 3.0 or later.
pchat11.mqc (5.3K) Squeezed version of PCHAT11.MAC (5.8K) PBBS Install program
pinstal.czm (4.4K)
preg451.lbr (36K) User registration utility for PBBS (25K)
pstat453.lbr (28K) (18K)
puser18.lbr (53K) Utility to report on PBBS user file (39K)
puser45.lbr (40K) PBBS utility for user base (28K)