Additional Notes:
This is a collection of programs designed to assist in running an RCP/M (Remote CP/M) system. ZIP files have been created out of the LBR files for easier perusal.
1kpacket.doc (4.3K) Optional 1k packets in MEX and IMP
anch-bye.fix (2.2K) Using the Anchor Mk XII within BYE.COM
bbsetiq.txt (6.5K)
bbsnoise.txt (3.3K)
bkrsm11.lbr (84K) Instructions on running an RCP/M on a Kaypro (57K)
byecom.mac (3.3K) BYECOM.MAC - get signoff comment then hang up and loop.
byesub.asm (1.9K) A routine to load/run a .com file on request
byexclbk.mod (5.7K) BYE Callback modification
bytime31.asm (8.4K) Display user stats on RCP/M system
calls2.asm (2.4K) Print number of log-in attempts and log-ins. For use with BYE.ASM to allow remote callers to see number of log-ins and log-in attempts
cbye.lbr (1.9K) Display maxuser maxdrive wheel bytes (1.6K)
cd7.asm (17K) RCP/M Change Directory command
chat46.lbr (28K) (17K)
comsec13.asm (16K) This program is similar in nature as the 'message service' for a SYSOP on a BBS. The main point is, that it can be used in the command line in CP/M. I was tired of having to re-enter the BBS just to leave a message because the SYSOP didn't answer on CHAT.
fastgo11.doc (1.7K) Docs for FASTGO11.ASM
lux100.lbr (51K) (35K) Library/archive Utility eXtension
lux101.lbr (50K) Library/archive Utility eXtension (34K)
lux77b.lbr (58K) Library Utility eXtension (41K)
lux80.ark (99K) LUX is a special utility used to "enter" .LBR (CP/M and MS-DOS), .ARK (CP/M) and .ARC (MS-DOS) file collections -- this allows one to manipulate member files in various ways (i.e. TYPE and SEND files, modify .LBR files with NULU while running LUX, etc). You are also able to use NSWEEP and SuperZAP while using LUX, so now many operations can be performed without ever exiting it! While popular on (and of most benefit to) RCP/M's, LUX may be used on any Z-80 system (it is not encoded for 8080 cpu's). (76K)
lux8080.ark (51K) LUX80 for 8080 CPUs (37K)
luxi80.lbr (65K) Library/archive Utility eXtension (48K)
message.asm (2.8K) MESSAGE.ASM - ASCII message typing program for CP/M. (256)
message.doc (1.2K)
mubye33.ark (47K) MUBYE33 is a rewrite of MBYE33 that allows simultaneous useage of a Kaypro 84 machine by two users. (29K)
nbye10.lbr (98K) NBYE10 -- Yet Another Remote Console Program for CP/M and MODEM (54K)
newbd22.asm (6.8K)
newbye.msg (3.3K) Suggestion for improvements to BYE
note1-3.lbr (12K) NOTE is a simple program intend for use on a RCP/M system. It al- lows the user of the system to type a note to the SYSOP. (6.3K)
nuchat.doc (6.0K)
nuchat12.asm (19K) (2.2K)
pubtool1.lbr (22K) Search RCP/M off-line catalog (18K)
qwik4v1.lbr (89K) QWIK4 is a replacement for the RCP/M FOR database. (64K)
rcpm-ug.prn (51K) A users guide to the operation of Remote CP/M systems.
rcpmbgnr.doc (27K)
rdir15p.lbr (18K) Remote DIRectory program (14K)
rpass14.lbr (12K) Set IOBYTE/WHEEL byte running BYE5 (8.1K)
run201.lbr (6.0K) RUN, Version 2.01, is a variation of the original RUNFILE program by Phil Cary. That program was designed for use on an RBBS and permits one to execute a selected program from a selected high user area, even though the file is not normally accessible to the user or caller. With this technique, the file can be executed without alteration of the wheel byte. (4.9K)
runfile.asm (4.4K)
scanlst2.lbr (17K) RCPM-nnn.LST Search Utility (11K)
section.asm (13K)
section.mac (16K)
section2.asm (7.9K)
secursys.doc (9.4K)
securty2.asm (4.7K)
sfile31.lbr (42K) SuperFILE is based on SD-81.ASM. It was originally written by Gary Shaffstall who wanted an easy means of looking for files in libraries as well as in normal directory listings provided by DIR, SD and other similar programs. (23K)
survey.lbr (19K) SURVEY, originally incorporated into Information Exchange System (a BBS), is a program that uses text-file input to form a Questionnaire/Survey for the user. SURVEY can either use input files from LASTCALR of either IES or METAL, or, at present, will ask the user his name & the date. (9.7K)
sysop.txt (4.8K)
tag2.asm (5.8K)
temp ()
twit-log.lbr (16K) ERA.ASM - REMOTE CP/M ERA TWIT CATCHER PROGRAM keeps track of remote users who try to erase, rename or save files. Data entered in TWIT.SYS file (7.2K)
user88.asm (2.0K)
userpw37.asm (21K)
whatsa-t.wit (3.0K) Discussion of twits on RCP/Ms
whatsn05.lbr (20K) This program is really two-in-one. It is for use with RCPM systems having a XMODEM.LOG (or LOG.SYS) of all file transfers created by the XMODEM file transfer program. (If using MBYE, substitute the term LOG.SYS wherever appears and set the MBYE equate to YES.) (12K)
wheel.asm (10K) Activates the WHEEL byte for SYSOP
whlchk11.lbr (5.9K) For ZCPR users, here is WHLCHK.COM. This program will modify any .COM program so that it first checks for the ZCPR3 wheel byte, and if not set, will terminate with the message PROGRAM ACCESS DENIED.... (3.8K)
who.asm (2.8K)
wis105.lbr (18K) WHEREIS basically performs the same function as FILEFIND, but with some nice added features that are discussed in WISxxx.DOC It's worth noting that the WHEREIS code is in no way related to the operating code of FILEFIND, but is instead an original program. (11K)
xfrtable.lbr (31K) XFRTIME allows the user a quick estimate of transfer time without calling up KMD or XMODEM and then cancelling out because it takes too long. (23K)
xfrtool4.lbr (12K) Analyzes a KMD.LOG and outputs a single-screen file of statistical information. (XfrLog Module) Analyzes a CALLERS file (PBBS v378 or higher; adaptable to other BBS CALLERS files) and outputs a single-screen file of statistical information. (RicLog Module) (8.6K)
z3andbye.doc (12K)
zbye12a.lbr (43K) Here is the latest and greatest version of ZBYE. By popular demand, this version includes documentation. (33K)
zcmd30b.lbr (79K) The ZCMD replacement adds the capabilities of command line edit and recall within the CCP and to transients that make BDOS READLN calls, along with integrated support for the RCP that currently extends the functions of SAVE and Named directory support. (55K)
zcmd8080.lbr (52K) This is an 8080 translation of ZCMD29 for those of us who don't have Z80s. It incorporates a few added commands such as ECHO (like MS-DOS), LPT which echos to the LST: device, CLS clear screen, Q a quick command repeat, and a password protection scheme. The AUTO and PATH routines have also been expanded upon. (35K)
zcmdren.fix (4.0K) Fix to REN problem of ZCMD
zfile5.lbr (23K) Searches for file names (17K)
zmd150.lbr (186K) Z80 RCP/M File Transfer Program (138K)
zmdovl2.lbr (47K) Hardware dependant (modem/port) overlay files for ZMD (35K)