Author: Steven Fox
Additional Notes:
ROS was written by Steve Fox in order to provide a "complete" BBS program for CP/M systems that didn't rely upon external programs for file transfers or modem I/O. Note that most of the documentation in the archives presented here are in WordStar format. Because of this, the documents are littered with "high bit" characters that can make the information slightly problematic to understand. ()
ros-mac.lbr () Machine dependant I/O and clock drivers for ROS
rosmisc.lbr () This library is a collection of modifications, enhancements, and device drivers for ROS. I have not personally tested them, but the various authors are using them as are others. As I get time, I'll try to include them more "officially" into the ROS distribution set. Steve () ()
ros1k.lbr () Adds 1K XMODEM protocol to ROS34. ()
ros34.lbr () ROS v3.4 Turbo Pascal Source
ros32k10.lbr ()
rnet1086.lst () National ROS Network List #08 October 1, 1986
rosmac.lbr () Machine dependant I/O and clock drivers for ROS. () ()