Author: James Coates and Alistair Millard (Additions from Peter Shaw)
Additional Notes:
Peter Shaw writes "I can help with the addition of info for PDHost on the BBC, not much info unfortunately but I was involved in the development and the system was originally written by James Coates and Alistair Millard. It was created to run `Procrastinaet BBS' which later became known as `Rudolphs Stable', this was in the Leominster area. I joined the team not long after with the attention of setting up and running `Electric Shed BBS' in the north east, but due to other commitments was unable to progress with this, so I restricted to advising on improvements to the software and helping with coding it. PDHost wasn't really a well known product, and to be honest I can't even recall any other people using it, other than the original 3. It was written mostly in BBC Basic on an unexpanded BBC B micro, and required a double sided disk to run, one side was the runtime code, the other side was the data system and page cache. With the addition of a second double sided disk, it was possible to offer more pages and a small file download area. The software was in use around about 1988 to 1990."