Author: Jory Anick, Richard Weinstock and Chris Thamm
Author Contacted?: Jory Anick has written in, and gave this information.
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"AcmeNET BBS was a full-service high-performance system that offered message bases, x/y/zmodem file transfers and FIDO packet capability. Co-developed in Montreal by Jory Anick, Richard Weinstock and Chris Thamm around 1988, it was originally written and compiled using ACOS (Gbbs 1.3 compiler on apple //). At the time of its demise it had been recompiled using the taboo but incredibly fast "Metal" compiler, also referred to as "MACOS". AcmeNET ran OutCider BBS (514) for 3 years, and the source code was eventually sold off to a private party. Worth noting, AcmeNET was the first BBS software to offer full-screen navigation using Proterm Special Emulation (PSE)." - Jory Anick

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