Author: John S. James (Programmer) Dean Gengle and Steven Stanford Smith (Manual)
communitree.manual.tar (4.7M) Communitree Manual Scans and Images from the San Francisco Communitree
rheingold.txt (8.0K) Excerpt from Rheingold's Text on Online Communities, regarding Communitree
shirky.txt (4.0K) Excerpt from Keynote given by Clay Shirky at ETech (April, 2003)
vampires-excerpt.txt (8.0K) Specific Communitree Excerpt from "What Vampires Know" (1993)
what_vampires_know.html ( 44K) What Vampires Know: Transsubjection and Transgender in Cyberspace: Transcript of a talk by Allucquere Rosanne Stone (May, 1993) (Contains passage on Communitree)