Compunet BBS v2.0 for the Apple ][

This was my 3rd out of 4 Bulletin Board Systems that I have written from the ground up.



Comments This system was written with the //e in mind, as at the time of its development (June 1987 - March 1989) the //e was the ideal platform for running an Apple ][ BBS. The program works fine on a //c or IIgs, although their serial ports are not supported. For it to function properly on a IIgs, you must have an Apple Super Serial Card installed in place of the built-in serial port. Additionally, the program will run on a ][ or ][+ with an 80-column card, although the display may not always work correctly.

This system had been used by several BBSs in the northern New Jersey area, including my own (naturally..) where the last system existed until around the summer of 1990.

The documentation which is included with the archive (in AppleWorks format) is not complete, nor are there any plans to finish them. Most of the functions in the BBS are documented by help files which are accessed by typing 'HELP' at the menu prompts.

I do NOT support this program anymore. I have tried to archive this program in a .SHK (ShrinkIt) archive to decompress in a usable form, and if it fails to load for you, check to make sure that you are using an Apple Super Serial card or compatible with a Hayes AT command set compatible modem. I have not tried this program with one of the Apple ][ emulators that are available, and I'm not sure how they will react with this. The only problem that I could foresee is that they may crash when the program tries to initialize the serial port. If it fails beyond this, sorry.. you're on your own.

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