Author: Evan Molnar
Additional Notes:
From RoadApples: "Evan Molnar, a sysop and programmer from Bridgewater, NJ has written a package which allows Apple systems to become part of this network. One of his two packages, Fruity Dog, is a set of modification files to the existing commercial BBS program, GBBS Pro (L&L Enterprises, Boulder, CO), and the associated software which connects the BBS to the network according to Fidonet communications standards, and handles translation of the incoming and outgoing message packets to the proper format. This package costs $60, and requires some familiarization with GBBS's integral compiler, ACOS. GBBS itself costs around $100. Fruity Dog will work with older versions of GBBS, back to at least version 1.3j, which I'm running. The current GBBS is version 2.1. As an alternative to GBBS, Evan has also written DDBBS, a package similar in construction, but vastly different in operation from GBBS. The package includes the Fruity Dog software installed. At $90 complete, it's a better deal for those that either don't own GBBS or have no interest in learning the GBBS programming language."

Evan Molnar writes "(Regarding) DDBBSit was always maintained that although it ran under MACOS (a patched-up version of ACOS)I stated that in order to legally run it you needed to own GBBS/ACOS as well - ACOS was coded by Lance someone-or-other and was his intellectual property; my program being based on MACOS did not invalidate his claim to the IP rights of the base language in my opinion, and if my memory serves correctly was always stated in the documentation. BTW I have no idea where you got Bridgewater, NJ - the NJ part is correct but the only time I've been in Bridgewater was working there for a few years. When I was working on this stuff I wouldn't have even been able to tell you where Bridgewater was :)"