Author: Andrew Roughan and Richard Bennett
First Created: 1990
Additional Notes:
Released as Freeware in "the closest it will probably ever get to a final version" by Andrew Roughan in November of 1992.
eclipse.7ofa.txt ()
eclipse.5ofa.txt ()
eclipse.8ofa.txt ()
eclipse.3ofa.txt ()
eclipse.shk () Eclipse BBS - archive created from the components above (UUEncoded files)
eclipse.1ofa.txt ()
eclipse.2ofa.txt ()
eclipse.0ofa.txt () These files contain a UUEncoded copy of ECLIPSE.SHK. Combine and decode in order to create the archive.
eclipse.6ofa.txt ()
eclipse.aofa.txt ()
eclipse.9ofa.txt ()
eclipse.4ofa.txt ()