Author: George Powell (Assisted by Evan Molnar)
Additional Notes:
Evan Molnar says "First off, I would like to give credit where credit is due - the co-author of Fruity Dog was George Powell from Illinois, and it was actually his baby. I became involved by reading a message on a BBS asking for someone familiar with assembly/machine code to collaborate on the project. Thank God, George, and my parents for paying the hefty phone bills as I was 12 or 13 at the time :) The package was thoroughly tested and included a hefty amount of programming on both of our parts, and worked great at the time. There is no way it would have survived Y2K compliance as coded however."
fd.5.0.update.shk () ShrinkIt Archive for Updating and Patching FD5.0.BBS.SHK
fd5.0.bbs.shk () ShrinkIt Archive of FruityDog v5.0 BBS for the Apple II
fd.all.readme.txt () README file for FruityDog v5.0 BBS Software by John Bastin