Author: L&L Productions (Version 2.14)
coa2.shk (208K) Clash of Arms, rewritten by Skip (Information included in Archive) ( 96K) Installation disks for GBBS Pro 1.3j, courtesy of Tom Gerbe
gladiator.shk ( 56K) Gladiators: Multi-Player Game for GBBS by Skip
gladiator.txt (4.0K) Description of Gladiators.shk by The Author (2005)
landspur.shk (480K) From Gene Buckle: "An online adventure game - think single user MUD. It was written in the same BASIC dialect (ACOS) that GBBS Pro was written in, so unless you managed to snatch a copy of ACOS, only registered users of GBBS Pro had it. Dura Europos in Tacoma, WA was one of the Land Of Spur games that I know of - modded of course."