Author: Eric Senior
Author Contacted?: Eric wrote in with details!
Additional Notes:
Eric T. Senior writes "I created this system when Jim Dixon told me a multi-user system could not be created for the Apple computer. Most old Hop users won't remember me by name, but remember my handle "Tyrian TDR". Development started in 1984 and the system first went on-line ~1985 (best guess). The system was run on an Apple IIe with a 1 Mb Ramworks card and LOTS of Super Serial Cards connected to 300-1200 baud modems. The system was developed entirely in assembly langauge (necessary due to the limited speed of the computer (.9MHz))."

"The initial system allowed for a total of 7 users (6 remote, 1 console). A year or 2 later, I built a card that allowed 8 modems to be connected using only 1 slot (we called it the HopCard). The system allowed real-time chat, eMail and discussion boards."

"The first, and largest install was Hop-KM (Kearny Mesa, a suburb in San Diego, CA). This system was Ron by Ron Donofero (aka "Yoda") and had 12 incoming lines. Ron was also a key participant in the development of the system. I went ahead and cc'd Ron on this mail hoping he might be able to add some additional information."

"The second install was Hop-EC (El Cajon) that was run by Robert (aka SS Rat) and Mary (aka Love Goddess) Estes. Unfortunately, Robert passed away August 2002. The third install as Hop-PH (Paradise Hills) run by George and Judy Duchow."

"I am fairly certain that all of the original source code is long gone."