Author: Version 1 by Robert K. Garth; Version 2 by Vince Cooper. Some routines contributed by John Hagen (Prime: Second Edition).
Versions: 2.2 (Released October, 1989)
Additional Notes:
From the PRIME Manual Version 2.2: "We would like to say Thank You for purchasing PRIME. We think you will find you now have the most advanced and comprehensive bulletin board software currently available for the Apple ][ computer series. The new PRIME offers options and control found in no other system currently published. If so desired, the system can virtually operate itself, with minimal intervention, thus freeing the system operator for more important tasks. The software includes a state-of-the-art line editor for generic terminal bulletin board systems, as well as automated board and menu generators, simplifying the expansion of any system. Of course, with all of these features, new system operators should plan on spending quite a few hours getting used to the system, and mastering all of its operations. In general, we would recommend that you spend approximately 20 hours working with the software before you open your new system to the public or your organization."

Vince Cooper writes "Prime Version 1 was written by Robert K. Garth. Version 2 was written by me. I sold the software to Daniel Haynes in 1989 when I moved on to TML Systems and got out of the BBS business. John 'Softy' Hagan write some simple Applesoft Basic modifications to the program."

Daniel Haynes purchased the software to release the code to the Public Domain. () SOURCE1.SHK and SOURCE2.SHK Uncompressed, then recompressed as a ZIP File
install.shk () Prime BBS 2.2 Installation Disk (1989/1990) from SmokeSignal Software/Daniel Haynes
primebbs.genie.txt () Excerpt of GEnieLamp Volume 1/Number 5, August 1, 1992: Introduction to Prime BBS. More complete version on primebbs.txt file.
utility.shk () Prime BBS 2.2a Utilities Disk (1989) () Prime Version 2.2 Manual (ZIP file version, converted from .shk file)
system.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2a System Disk (1989)
source1.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2a Source Disk (1989)
xfer2.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2a XFER Disk 2 (1989)
source2.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2a Source Disk (1989)
primemanual2.shk () Broken Version of Prime Manual (Kept for Possible Recovery in the Future)
xfer1.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2a XFER Disk 1 (1989)
prime.bbs.shk () Prime BBS Version 2.2 .SHK Archive Collection (From Asimov Collection) (1989)
primebbs.txt () "Prime Bulletin Board System": Overview of the Prime.BBS Package Version 2.2, from a GEnie A2 Forum (Early 1990s)
primemanual.shk () Prime BBS Manual Version 2.2a from SmokeSignal Software (1989) (Archive corrected by Bill)