Additional Notes:
Mark Hetke (who was one of the few folks who ran ROCKTALK) writes in "RockTalk was written in AppleSoft BASIC w/ a binary sitting underneath to handle the modem and other aspects.. The underlining binary was later shows to be "borrowed" from TProBBS, I don't remember the version. You should contact the author of TProBBS for more info, Guy probably remembers the various versions. The BBS itself was designed to focus support on the Apple II platform by supporting the various Apple special characters and codes to move the cursor around the screen. It included games, a t (text) files section, message boards, and the ever present file download section.. (including ratio's and special restrictions on a per user basis.) Not many systems used this, I only know of 3 or 4 of them. I ran it for about a year of my BBSes existance. (Prior was Pseudodel and post was TProBBS 4)."