Author: Universal Computers, Highland Park, IL
Additional Notes:
"Email, message boards, date matching program, various text based games, text file downloads/uploads, individual user names/pw's, user limits (upload/download quotas, time use limit, day limits, etc.), links to external programs (vis a vis 'Doors'), user permission levels, Sysop paging, ability to see both sides of the communication in realtime (system console keyboard was always active - which made possible a so-called "AI Module")... Written in Applesoft BASIC. Interfaced with any Hayes compatible modem. I ran it with a Novation Apple Cat (1200 baud) and later upgraded to a US Robotics 2400 baud Courier modem. Software cost was about $149 - they gave you the source and a nice notebook-sized manual... 5.25" disks..." - David S. Greenberg