Author: Mike Owen
Additional Notes:
"VinyaMacil (VM) is a ModemWorks-based bulletin board system for the Apple II series of computers. Originally based on Telecat software, VM has maintained its linear approach to messages, files, and electronic mail, while evolving each of these areas into easy-to-use, fast, and powerful modules. Behind the scenes, the sysop has a plethora of functions at his disposal to make running the VM system a snap."

In his call for beta testers, author Mike Owen indicates he had been working on VMBBS for 5 years as of February of 1991.

announce.vmbbs (8.0K) Announcement of VMBBS by Mike Owen of Broken Blade software (February 19, 1992)
betatest.txt (4.0K) Announcement for Betatesters for VMBBS (February 19, 1991)
vmbbs.1of4 ( 52K)
vmbbs.2of4 ( 52K)
vmbbs.3of4 ( 52K)
vmbbs.4of4 ( 56K)