Hermes II 3.5.9

Hermes II 3.5.9 is the final release of the 3.5.9 beta codeline. This version adds built-in TCP/IP connectivity, integrated FidoNet support, Y2K compatibility, and improved stability over the 3.5.8 version. In addition, functionality to enable the new Java-based External Development System is now part of the core BBS.

All SysOps should upgrade to the 3.5.9 version to improve the stability and performance of their systems. SysOps that are not using the built-in FidoNet support should not upgrade to 3.5.9 as it does not support external FidoNet processors. A special version of the FidoNet external will soon be released for SysOps that require this functionality.

Beta Changelog

Major features added in 3.5.9b3:

Minor features added in 3.5.9b3:

Bugs fixed in 3.5.9b3:

Major features added in 3.5.9b2:

Minor features added in 3.5.9b2:

Bugs fixed in 3.5.9b2:

Hermes II 3.5.9b1.1

Hermes II 3.5.9b1 is a minor beta release made available fix the Y2K bugs in Hermes II 3.5.9b1. These bugs have all been fixed in 3.5.9b2, but as that version is not yet available, we felt it was necessary to issue a Y2K patch release until the full 3.5.9b2 version is ready.

Major features added in 3.5.9b1.1:


Minor features added in 3.5.9b1.1:


Bugs fixed in 3.5.9b1.1:

Hermes II 3.5.9b1

Hermes II 3.5.9 is the first TCP/IP aware version of the Hermes II BBS program. By using the TCP/IP node type, you can allow callers to access your BBS over the Internet using the Hermes II Terminal or a compatible telnet application.

Major features added in 3.5.9b1:

Minor features added in 3.5.9b1:

Bugs fixed in 3.5.9b1: