Versions: 1.1 (November 27, 1992)
Additional Notes:
"MUBBS is a BBS program that run on all Macintoshes from the Mac Plus onward (although I have heard people claim that it will run on a 512K as well). It's highly configurable with an easy-to-use graphic interface for all computer users! However, it's not a plug-and-play typical Mac program. For those who were frustrated with the first version (0.5), you'll be pleased to know that this version contains a few bug fixes, some new utilities, a text editor, and more detailed documentation. "There is lots of support available for MUBBS, including many new modules. Most of them are available on AOL or on the MUBBS support BBS (The number is listed in the file). Best of all, MUBBS is FREEWARE! To my knowledge, it is the only available free BBS program for the Mac." - Bill Currie

"Bill Currie only wrote that review and isn't the author of MUBBS, you can use stuffit expander on the PC and maybe open the .hqx file or just put unknown as author. MUBBS became somewhat popular because it was free. Everything was modular, everything was a module. There were plans to write a bunch more modules for it but it was really only a hobby project. It was a innovative concept never seen again in BBS software. Not sure why the modular idea never caught on. The multi user software was only limited to the number of serial ports you could add (there were mod kits and boards) and memory." - Anonymous

mubbs-login-security.hqx ()
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