Obsolyte BBS Documentation

The BBS can be reached via telnet -- or just click this link.

Main Menu Choices

   --   ObsolYte BBS   --   Main Menu   --  7-Oct-0 - 5:23p   --
|  [O]FF (logoff)  [H]elp System   [F]eedback      [M]ail A User   | Pancake
|  [E]PREFS        [L]astusers     [C]all SYSOP    [R]ead Message  | Version
|  [N]ewscan       [U]ser List                     [P]ost Message  | 1.3
|  [T]ransfers     [G]TXT-Files    [[]prevgroup    []]nextgroup    |
|  [/L]OGIN  |  [/S]ONELINER  |  [/C]MULTICHAT  | [!]WAFFLE Shell  |
            Lastcaller -- Techrat at 7-Oct-0 5:21p

5:23p (?=help) -> 

Command Key - The one letter (optionally prefixed with a /) command to execute a main menu command.

Selecting any one character from the list of choices performs a command. The "Waffle Shell" (selected by the "!" character) allows you type full commands rather than using a single "hotkey". Some people prefer this, and you can switch to the Waffle Shell as your default by selecting your PREFS, which is option "E" here.

If there are multiple people online simultaneously, you can all get together in the "Multichat" area (option /c on the main menu), and communicate in real-time. If I'm online, I'll hang out in the area whenever possible.

If nobody is around, [P]ost a mesasage in any area. There are 4 message areas currently, they are:
Vintage Hardware
Hacker's Area


These are all the commands you can put in the "Main Menu" field of the Menu Editor or you can type any of these in the Waffle shell.

MAN       give help on command
OFF logs user off (If hotkey does Are You Sure)
USERS lists all users
FEEDBACK sends Feedback to user 'Sysop'
RN read news
READ read only selected group
REDIRECT take control over first available serial port
ONELINER send onliner to another node
JOIN setup rn groups (can take parameter)
UNJOIN ditto
MULTICHAT multi-node chat
CHAT request chat with the sysop
SOS play selected sound (or no sound if user doesn't have access)
CD.. go up one directory
CD change directory
WAFFLE if user is in hotkey makes a temp waffle shell
SELECT prompt for newsgroup to make current
PROMPT change prompt to parameter
SHOW lists last 240 lines of a log file
LAST shows last 10 lines of the callers file
TAIL "filename" [lines] shows last lines of a file
SZ send file with zmodem
SY send file with ymodem
SX send file with xmodem
RZ receive file with zmodem
RY receive file with ymodem
RX receive file with xmodem
ACS tool for testing out ACS strings
REEXT tool for debugging externals (or installing them remotely) re-loads
all externals
SHELL change shell
EDITOR change editor
PASSWORD change password
PAGE page sysop's beeper
UUCP launches the uucp app must have a priv of 9!
SUCK launches the suck app must have priv 9
ONLINE lists users online
FINGER finger a local user, or a remote one if tcp is up
TELNET telnet to remote site paramters are: site:port [-l filename] send-
expect sequence
POST post to local group
MAIL read mail
GETPOP retrives POP mail from server
[ or < flip through groups
] or > flip through groups the other way
FILES goes to file section
EDIT edit files in home directory
? shows menu
HELP goes into help
INFO goes into info
CLS clear screen
LOGIN re-login
TYPE or CAT lists a file
MD or MKDIR make a directory
DEL or RM delete a file
DIR or LS get directory of current directory
EXIT or QUIT logs User Out (If user is in temp Waffle Shell returns to
BYE or /O or LOGOUT or LOGOFF Logs user off

Percent Variables

These can be used within text files or even within messages (I think)...
%A Username
%B Age
%C Cookie
%D Current Date
%E Editor
%F Free Memory
%L LastCall time and date
%O Time Left
%P Pathname (either in file section or main)
%S Time Spent on BBS
%T Current Time
%V Pancake Version
%W Name
%a Access Level
%b Birthday date
%c Cps Rate
%d Download k
%i Answer to last prompt
%l Last Caller username
%o Time left (no seconds)
%p Privelage
%s Sex (M or F)
%u Upload k
%[ Minimum message of current group
%= Number of current messgae or mail
%+ Number of current message or mail plus one (next mail or mess)
%] Max message or mail of current group or mailbox
%! Current shell
%* Clear screen
%@ Previous login date
%# Phone number
%& Calls today
%% Percent
%| Return character

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