Author: Colen Garoutte-Carson and Greg Oberfield
Additional Notes:
Colen Garoutte-Carson writes "There were some interesting stories regarding the development of Public Address BBS. At one time Lloyd Woodall, who purchased Hermes BBS from the author Frank Price, filed a lawsuit against me and Robert Rebbun, accusing us of stealing source to Hermes for use in PA. This was completely false, and was probably meant to scare me. Lloyd spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, for a lawsuit that was eventually abandoned. (I spent nothing, so I figure I won.) The fact of the matter was that Lloyd had incorporated source code I had written (as Hermes external modules) directly into Hermes (my `Quoter' module, specifically). Robert Rebbun had previous worked for Lloyd, and had overseen the incorporation of my code into Hermes. I suppose after Lloyd and Robert had their `falling out', Lloyd suspected (and accused) the worst. Though, being a purist, and a very talented programmer, I would never have been interested in incorporating any technology from such an inferior product. "

"Another interesting note was that, when I began writing Public Address, my initial co-author (Greg Oberfield) and I were invited to a visit a friend/customer of ours in Sunnyvale, CA, Martin Minoque. Martin was an employee at Apple. He convinced Greg and I to start developing our own BBS software. Learning of our plans, a group at Apple contacted us, interested in our ideas. Greg later took a job at Apple."

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