Author: Terry Teague (Ported Original Software)
First Created: 1986, maintained for "a number of years"
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
From the Author's Home Page:

"In 1986 when I moved to the U.S., the Macintosh had been released two years earlier, and the online scene was starting to take off, yet there was little communications software available (Red Ryder by Scott Watson of FreeSoft, Inc. was the major package of the day; Red Ryder BBS later became Second Sight). I ported the popular WWIV BBS software for the PC (by Wayne Bell, who has now sold the rights to WWIV Software Services), to the Macintosh. I maintained and supported WWIV Mac BBS for a number of years, but it suffered from a poor port, and eventually another WWIV BBS clone, Hermes (by Frank Price of AOC Software, who sold the rights to Lloyd Woodall of Computer Classifieds, who marketed it as Hermes II), took over the Macintosh market, so I stopped supporting WWIV Mac BBS."

Terry Teague died in 2005. copy of Terry's website: