ATARI: 400/800: ABBCS/BBCS (Bulletin Board Construction Kit)
Additional Notes:
"The ANTIC Bulletin Board Construction Set. The user design of the ABBCS was very good. It sported features such as intra-line editors. Unfortunately, the coding of the ABBCS was really poor. You could practically blow on your keyboard and crash this BBS. The BBS would sometimes crash several times a day." - Atari FAQ
bbcs_24b.dcm ()
announce.txt () Announcement of the Antic BBCS by Eric Clausen (August, 1985)
bbcs_24d.dcm ()
bbcs_24c.dcm ()
bbcsdocs.arc ()
bbcs1.gif ()
bbcs2.gif () BBCS Screen Capture Shot.
bbcs_24a.dcm ()