ATARI: 400/800: ATKEEP
Author: Brent Barrett
Additional Notes:
"An Atari 8-bit version of CITADEL BBS. I believe that AT-KEEP, like FOREM-XE, requires the use of the commercial BASIC XE cartridge to run. This BBS program was very popular around Louisiana, USA, from what I understand." - Atari FAQ

Brent Barrett, newly out of high school and *very* interested in the new telecommunications world he had found, discovered a "different" type of BBS. This BBS was called a "Citadel" and it was such a unique experience for him that he decided he just *had* to have it for his machine. Owning only a TI-99/4A and an Atari 800Xl, he opted for the Atari, since he had more support hardware for that machine. Spending hours, even days at a time coding the original "shell" of the BBS, he sprang forth with MBBBS version 1.0 on March 24th, 1986.

atkeep.arc ( 96K) (4.0K)
atkeep1.arc ( 48K)
atkeep1.gif (4.0K) Screen Shot of ATKeep version 7.50
atkeep2.gif (4.0K) Screen Shot of ATKeep version 7.50
atkeepmenus.txt (4.0K)
news8706.txt ( 24K) Issue of CITANEWS Announcing ATKEEP