ATARI: 400/800: ATKEEP
Author: Brent Barrett
Additional Notes:
"An Atari 8-bit version of CITADEL BBS. I believe that AT-KEEP, like FOREM-XE, requires the use of the commercial BASIC XE cartridge to run. This BBS program was very popular around Louisiana, USA, from what I understand." - Atari FAQ

Brent Barrett, newly out of high school and *very* interested in the new telecommunications world he had found, discovered a "different" type of BBS. This BBS was called a "Citadel" and it was such a unique experience for him that he decided he just *had* to have it for his machine. Owning only a TI-99/4A and an Atari 800Xl, he opted for the Atari, since he had more support hardware for that machine. Spending hours, even days at a time coding the original "shell" of the BBS, he sprang forth with MBBBS version 1.0 on March 24th, 1986.

atkeep2.gif () Screen Shot of ATKeep version 7.50
atkeepmenus.txt ()
atkeep1.arc ()
news8706.txt () Issue of CITANEWS Announcing ATKEEP
atkeep.arc () ()
atkeep1.gif () Screen Shot of ATKeep version 7.50