Author: Orion Micro Systems
Additional Notes:
"PRO! BBS demo program. This is the public domain version of EXPRESS!-BBS, which is the Keith Ledbetter companion project of the EXPRESS!-TERM terminal program of days gone by. I am not familiar with this program. I think that it is written in Action! and only supports XMODEM Checksum transfers. I have never called or seen this program demonstrated." - Atari FAQ

"Probably the most powerful BBS program ever written for the Atari 8 bit series: Supported DOOR Programs (Games and other cool things), a fully networked message system with fmail, rivaling fidonet is power and stability, high speed modem support, YMODEM batch, FMODEM, and even ZMODEM support. Also supported QWK offline message downloads through a door program, good hard drive support, non fixed forum and filebase sizes, ATASCII, ASCII, *AND* ANSI/VT102 colour support. Also had a built in full screen editor with addressable cursor, even over the modem to a straight ascii terminal! A good frined of mine did some door and QWK development for this BBS package, and ran it unitl well into the mid ninties. His BBS (Billy Bob's Attic, 201-358-1276, which appears in your bbs listing) ran this sw. I was the co-sysop a long time ago, when I was much less tall than I am now ;) This package was so good (for its time anyways) that it was ported to the PC. The version for the PC had a different name but was both visually and funcitionally identical." - Anthony Iannone

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bbsexpressrev.txt () Review of BBS Express! by Chris King of ANTIC Magazine (November, 1986)
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