ATARI: 400/800: CARINA
Author: The Shadow and Shadow Software
Additional Notes:
"CARINA BBS (telecommunications) Carina Software Systems, 12390 57th Road North, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, (305) 793-2792, $69.95, 48K disk

"This expandable, module-based bulletin board software package is written in understandable BASIC and includes XMODEM upload/download transfer protocol, message editor with word processor-like functions and a total of 44 commands, including 17 sysop functions. It operates at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud and works with most DOSs and BASICs." - ANTIC Magazine, October 1986

car_bbs.arc (608K) Carina BBS "The Most Powerful 8-Bit BBS Software" Version 2.6
carina1.dcm ( 56K)
carina2.dcm ( 80K)