ATARI: 400/800: FOREM
Additional Notes:
Friends of Rick E. Moose BBS. At the time, there were a lot of BBSes around called things such as "FORUM-80" and "BULLET-80", ergo the name. FoReM BBS was the first truly RBBS-like BBS for the ATARI 8-bit. It was programmed in BASIC and was somewhat crashy.

Matt Singer writes: FoReM BBS derived from an early AMIS. When multiple message areas were added the name was extended to FoReM 26M. Then, When OSS released BASIC XL the program was rehacked and called FoReM XL... Bill Dorsey wrote most of the Assembler routines (where is he now?).

Philip Lozier writes: "Rick E. Moose [was] the mascot of Wally World in which Chevy Chase and family were traveling to in the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation"."

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