Author: Z INNOVATORS (Including Glenda Stocks)
Additional Notes:
"There is a commercial version of OASIS called "OASIS IV" that performs networking. There was an OASIS network between Boston, Massachusets, USA and Murfreesboro(SP?), Tennessee, USA. Occasionally word of the OASIS IV developers reaches the network from New Zealand or Canada." - From the Atari FAQ

" OASIS IV supports networking. I assume that OASIS IV works much the same way OASIS JUNIOR III does. I don't know what became of OASIS IV as all work seemed to be halted on it once myself and other callers to OASIS BBSes made disparaging comments about how difficult the OASIS file libraries were to use. We were called ungrateful Atarians (which we were). Work in the USA was halted and the program was sold to someone overseas." - Winston Smith

"OASIS BBS 4.2 (online software) Z Innovators, 1344 Park St., Dept. 187 Stoughton, MA 02072, $30, requires 2 disk drives and SpartaDOS 3.2D or X.

"The newest version of OASIS BBS is now out from Z Innovators. Full of external modules, OASIS BBS lets you run a bulletin board complete with survey, callers log, trivia game, an Add-A-BBS number module and three different user listers. Included as an ARC file in the package with OASIS BBS 4.2 is OASIS.PAL, a programming aid package.

"This disk-based BBS requires two floppy drives and SpartaDOS 3.2D or the SpartaDOS X cartridge. (A fully-functional public domain version, OASIS JR, is also available.)

"Future updates to OASIS are in the works, including free updates of the current version, and late in 1989 a completely new version 5. Featuresplanned include built-in ANSI color, YMODEM batch protocol, and a file search module that will include descriptions of files. Message bases will be enhanced with message thread options and an external networking module for the exchange of new messages." - ANTIC Magazine, April 1989 Issue

update.txt () Update on Oasis BBS IV, by Glenda Stocks (September 7, 1988)