Author: Robert Puff
Author Contacted?: Telephone conversation with Robert Puff, March 2004.
Additional Notes:
Created by Robert Puff, this Atari BBS Software came with a hardware component to both provide ring detect for the Atari (none existed in the modem) and to serve as a hardware key/dongle associated with the software. Mr. Puff indicated that the software was mostly confined to the Rochester NY area, and in his estimation less than a dozen copies were sold, and certainly not more than 8 or 10 were up at any given time. There was a multiple user version created by Mr. Puff, but he thinks that only he ran it on his own BBS.

Robert Puff was also the author of a number of other notable Atari Programs, including BOBTERM, SUPER UNARC, and DISK COMMUNICATOR.

Ronald Ayers writes "BBSses that ran it were Computer World, Computer World Jr, Moose BBS, and Eagle's Lair if I'm not mistaken."