ATARI: 400/800: XEBBS
Author: Jonathan Taylor
Additional Notes:
Jonathan Taylor writes "I wrote XeBBS+ for the Atari 130XE / Expanded 800XL computers in the mid 80's. It was written in and required the OSS Basic XE cartridge. It used the Automatic Modem Processor (AMP) code from FoReM XE, but was otherwise written from scratch. XeBBS+ had a relatively advanced file download/browse/search/management system that was designed to work with the Supra 10 megabyte hard drive for the Atari XL / XE computers. It also featured a "banking" system that awarded points for uploads and message postings, deducted points for downloads, and let players bet points when playing XeBBS+ game modules. The Core BBS + games would not all fit in memory at once, so the add-on game modules were loaded on-demand from the disk and included blackjack, hangman, and a nifty ATASCII game called Jewel Quest, which was ported from another BBS - the name of which I can't remember. XeBBS+ was run by the Disk Bank in Longwood, Florida; and two other BBS's in TN and VA."