ATARI: ST: BBS! Express ST
Author: Keith Ledbetter
Additional Notes:
Programmed by Keith Ledbetter, who has previously done BBS Express Pro previously.

From Z*Magazine (September 4, 1987): "ICD, along with the Keith "Mr.Express" Ledbetter, was showing their newest addition to the Express line of modem software, "BBS Express ST". Only for the ST, "BBS Express ST" is probably the best ST BBS program around today. "BBS Express ST" is just starting to ship for a list price of $79.95. It features 40/80 column support, XMODEM and YMODEM protocols, threaded message bases, full descriptions on all UL/DL files, and COMPLETE sysop maintenance. Some lucky show purchasers got a personally autographed copy of the new program (at no extra cost)."