Author: Steven Grimm
Additional Notes:
Greg Swarthout writes "There was another one by the name of BBS/T. It was programmed in C by an acquaintance who became a friend, who is now lost in time. I can't recall his name, but he was a prodigy in that he wrote the software, as well as a fantasy novel, by the time he was, I think, 16. BBS/T was rather unique in the ST BBS world at the time because its message boards were based on a tree structure, rather than the linear boards that were the norm for the time. This tree structure (where a reply became a leaf and a reply-to-a-reply became a grandchild of the original message) was probably the cause for its small adoption and usual abandoment within a few months by the few boards that adopted it. I don't know if it ever became a commercial product."

"The best thing about BBS/T was its wonderful scripting language in which modules could be created. I ran an Atari 8-bit BBS at the time (The Movie Connection, in the San Jose 408 area code) and after 3+ months of housing the noisy thing (disk drive, printer), I wanted to give it up. Luckily for me, I was able to code the whole thing as a BBS/T module and include it on another BBS (Starbase, I think) where it lived on for a year or two."

Paul Chinn writes "I was reading your entry about BBS/T for the Atari ST and it mentioned that you only have a single letter regarding its existence. So I'm writing to confirm that the program did indeed exist. I used it on my short-lived bbs around 1986-1987. As the emailer mentioned, it was especially notable for the threaded structure of its message boards which did indeed really seem to freak out the posters of the day. I can also provide a little more info- the author's name was Steven Grimm and I "knew" him from occasional on-line chats and a couple meetings at atari expos around Silicon Valley where we were teens. He gave me the bbs software in person- I don't know if it ever had a commercial release though. Anyway I figured I'd drop in a note to add my 2 cents. I can't believe it's been 20+ years since then! Thanks for the little trip down memory lane."