Author: Matthew R. Singer
Additional Notes:
Stands for "Friends of Rick E. Moose".

"It was written and maintained by a guy named Matt Singer. I believe he was in located in MA. I still remember having to mail him my shareware fee. After he gave up on it, he passed it along to another guy - Bill something or another. I'll try and remember. Anyway, the name is an acroymn for Friends of Rickey Moose - why I don't know. A whole collection of ST boards grew up around FoReM and created a Fidonet like network of BBSes called FNET (FoReM Net). This was all run by a guy down in Houston (again, it's been a long time, the name escapes me). There were about 1000 BBSes on FNET if I recall. I was FNET Node #613. It was complete with cross-board mail and cross-board "Message Bases" (another name for boards or SIGs)." - Brian J. Saville

Frank Klaess points out that FNET was created by David Chiquelin of Atari-OH! BBS in Houston, TX, who actually coded the utility to work with FoReMST.

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