Author: David Brown and Wayne Watson (Southern Software)
Additional Notes:
"TRNSDEMO is the complete formerly shareware now freeware version of the Transcendence BBS v.2.4.01 by Wayne Watson (dated Feb. 19, 1994). If you are ever thinking of setting up a BBS (a tremendous amount of work--BBS SysOps are the saints of the computer world in my opinion!) this program would be well worth your investigation. It works on any ST-TT with at least one meg of RAM (2.5 meg of RAM and TOS 1.4 or better is better, of course). The program and support files require at least 20 meg of Hard Drive space as well. Note, this archive's name implies that this file is a demo. It is NOT. It's the full-blown version released by the author. Thanks! (Send him money anyway!). 527K."

From the preface of this freeware version:

The Transcendence BBS package was originally conceived by David Brown in 1986. He began researching BBS programs, how they work, and how they don't work. At this time he did not know the first thing about computer programming (His first computer was a 520ST, in Oct. 1985). He began teaching himself how to write this type of software by programming online "door" software.

In mid 1987 He began work on the "STark" BBS program. Soon he was joined by Jason Dickens. They worked on the program for about 2 years, and due to some problems, had to terminate their joint-effort. For a one year period he was without the source code to the STark BBS program. Since BBS programming was his work away from work, He started a new one. This program was entitled "STairway" (it was never completed). He then obtained the source code to STark, and used the two programs to create what is now "Transcendence."

Soon after starting on Transcendence, he asked me to help re- write many of the old STark routines. I began work on the File Areas and wrote the transfer protocols along with many other support modules for the BBS.

Since David and I started working together, we haven't stopped to take a breath. The program has gone through massive rewrites and modifications. The current program is beyond what we ever thought we could do. We feel that we have succeeded in creating the most flexible, powerful, user-friendly, and sysop-friendly BBS system ever. Our sysops seem to agree.

In January, 1993, David decided to get out of development of Transcendence and asked me to take over marketing, selling, updating and supporting the program. I will miss the times that we spent working together. David has taught me a lot about programming telecommunications software and other things. It was a very good partnership. Although we keep in touch, it will not be the same. I wish David the best of luck in all his efforts and in life. Thanks David for so much!

I wish you luck in your adventures as a Sysop and hope that Transcendence will make your experience a pleasant one.

Wayne Watson

updates.txt () Transcendance BBS Software Update Information to 2.4.03 () Wayne Watson's guide to the Transcendence BBS data structures. ()
trn2401.lzh ()
transbbs.txt ()
transbbs.prg () Transcendance BBS Update for Version 2.4.03 (Freeware Version) (1994)
freeware.txt () Announcement of Release of Transcendence BBS to Freeware (1994)