Additional Notes:
I would like to offer information on my Coleco ADAM BBS software known as ADAMCastle BBS (1986) which was recently updated and rebranded simply as ADAMBBS (2021). This software is for Coleco ADAM Family Computer System (1983), and was written entirely in Z80 Assembly Language for Coleco ADAM CP/M 2.2 operating system with an ADAMLink internal 300 bps dial-up modem. It was sold directly to Coleco ADAM customers. Information about the BBS was shared on the CompuServe forum as well as various ADAM community newsletters. There were about 5 years of continual improvements to the software before it was shelved for other career opportunities. During this time, probably a dozen copies ended up going to enthusiasts to run their ADAM dial-up systems. Today the resurrected BBS (now known as ADAMBBS) continues to be shared and discussed in the Coleco ADAM Facebook group, where I can be found. - Shawn Merrick
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