Author: Rick Kent, Paul Davis and Weston Fryatt
Additional Notes:
Weston Fryat writes "I'm one of the orginal author of ADBBS (Acropolis Development BBS) for the Commodore Amiga system. The names of the original authors were Rick Kent, Paul Davis and myself. We all started the project in 1988 to 1992.Although the project never reallysaw the light of day (as far as an official release) we set the standards that other big name BBSs soon followed.. We had one of the first full screen text/message editors and full screen graphical (ANSI) file transfer utility."

"Paul Davis and I went on to work for Mustang Software in 1992, One of the reason why we stopped developing on ADBBS. And we shared alot of our orginal ideas with Scott Hunter and Jim Harrer (Scott and Jim were the orginal developer on the Wildcat BBS) and these idea were later became part of Wildcat BBS v4 and v5."