Author: Mike Thomas, later work by Joseph Hodge/Light Speed Technologies
Additional Notes:
"Was originally a clone of "PC Board" for IBM/PC; but allowed for great multitasking/mulitline BBSing using a single Amiga platform. Supported multiple dialin lines, unlimited "conferences" (message boards), suppored all known file transferts (X Modem, Xmodem CRC, Y modem, Y Modem 1k, Z Modem, Zmodem 32), resumable downloads, resumable uploads; ratio enforcement; new user, vs pay user accounting systems. Full ANSI screen support/graphics; plus used a proprietary Amiga message-relaying mailing system (much like FidoNet) for communications with other AmiExpress BBS's around the world; both public and private messages. Also supported external "Doors" for online games. I was sucessfull in writing my own version of "Tradewars 2002" for AmiExpress/AMiga BBSs.

"Joseph Hodge was the latest "curator" of the software at last time I checked; I was on the development board of this system; and ran it for over 3 years on an Amiga 3000 w/ 3 dialup lines. Very stable. Very secure. A rather popular BBS system, next to using BBS-PC on Amiga and MaxBBS." - Chris Kawchuk

Mike Thomas writes "I am the original author: Mike Thomas, you can verify this by just doing a google on AmiExpress and Mike Thomas. My software company is called Synthetic Technologies. I worked on AmiExpress for a period of two years, selling it directly from my BBS. (I've kept all the letters I got from people all over the world who purchased my product). I eventually sold the source code and left BBSing behind. It's been so long that I can't remember who I sold the code to. BTW I did indeed model AmiExpress after PCBoard because I first ran PCBoard on a PC and just really didn't like the PC at the time, really loved my Amiga so I wanted to make a comparable product on the Amiga. Thanks for the great memories.."

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