Author: Micro Systems Software (Steve Pagliarulo)
Additional Notes:
Lance Lyon writes "You mention "BBSPC" in the Amiga section, it's actually BBS-PC! & two versions came out 4.13 & 4.20 that were identical to the MS DOS versions. BBS-PC! was commercial software & was quite popular in the mid to late '80's. It was produced by Micro Systems Software (who wrote several titles for the Amiga) & even had third part rudimentary networking (BBS-PC! systems only) & a few doors for it."

The roots of this package are believe to be a TRS-80 package called BBS-80, written in BASIC.

bbs-pc_4.20_(tandy_2000).zip ()
bbspcreg.jpg () BBS PC! Registration Card Scanned
bbs-pc_4.20(ibm).zip ()
bbspcmanual.jpg () BBS PC! Scanned Manual Cover (and Disk)
bbs-pc!.zip () BBS-PC! Version 4.20 by Steven Pagliarulo and published by Micro-Systems Software, contributed by Lance Lyon (1987)
oliver.txt () Oliver "kfsone" Smith's memories of BBS-PC (March, 2005)
bbspcbox.jpg () BBS PC! Scanned Box Image