Author: Pete Hardie
Additional Notes:
From the documentation:

"This program is basically a CBBS 6.1 version of the W0RLI BBS. It was originally put together for the IBM-XT by K3RLI, AG3F and others. It is written in the 'C' programming language which made it fairly easy for me to port to the AMIGA because I have been using C since 1974. However, it has had to be modified somewhat to make it work on the AMIGA. It has been used extensively on an AMIGA with the V1.2 Kickstart. It starts up and appears to work OK with Kickstart V1.3 but has not been tested extensively. It will work on a system with 512K of memory. I have run it on a single floppy drive, although that required limiting the number of files on the BBS. With such limited disk space you will only be able to handle transfer of mail rather than running as a full-blown BBS. But if you have a hard drive you can run a full-blast BBS with this program. If you are already familiar with the CBBS or W0RLI (or even MBL) systems you should have little trouble getting this thing to go."

cbbs.lha () CBBS v6.1c for the Amiga by Pete Hardie, from the Fred Fish Collection (July, 1989)
cbbs671a.lha () CBBS Version 6.71b by Pete Hardie (1990)
cbbsv61c.txt () Documentation: CBBS V6.1c for the Amiga from Pete Hardie (July 17, 1989)