Author: Ken Pletzer (Rights Purchased by Ray Akey of Perspective Software and Todd H. Knight of ZenMetal Software)
Additional Notes:
Professional multi-node Amiga-basd BBS software package. Has Internet applications such as Telnet, NNTP news retrieval/posting and an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Also has WWW support via AWS (Amiga Web Server) and FTP Daemon.

Andrew Alexander of Window of Illusion BBS writes "Ray Akey Purchased the rights to the code of the orignal 3.05c version which was the most stabe version of CNet Amiga BBS software. The orignal author was Ken Pletzer who lived in Canton Michigan at the time of it's creation. Ray A. Akey is not the creator and CNet was not made in Canada. Ray A. Akey in fact brought all development of the software to a screatching halt and has angered many in the Amiga BBS community. Ray A. Akey's true part he played in CNet BBS software should be correctly disclosed. Any research on this topic will be hard to find but it's out there in news groups. I would as a CNet BBS sysop perfer to see the correct creator get the credit for this excellent software he made BEFORE AKey got his hands on it."

Ray A. Akey writes "ZenMetal Software purchased the CNet source code and rights to the CNet name from Ken Pletzer in 1996. Previous to this date, CNet Amiga had no native internet connectivity. It was Ray A. Akey (me) who implemented a native IRC client (based on ORC; a 3rd party IRC client, the source of which ZenMetal purchased). Under the auspices of ZenMetal Software, I also implemented built-in FTP, telnet and internet email functionality and other widely praised internet connectivity features and fixed many of the outstanding 3.x series CNet Amiga bugs. As for the "killing" of CNet Amiga, that was not by choice. The reason CNet Amiga is no longer is due to a failed partnership in which I, as the developer, relinquished ownership of the source code to my former partner, Todd H. Knight, who has done absolutely nothing with the CNet Amiga source code. I have moved on and am now working for Amiga, Inc."

Todd Knight, who was involved with the C-NET Project in various fashions, has written in with his own rebuttal to Ray Akey's writings. Its' length required it to be put in the file area for this entry.

Jason Scott says "It is obvious from the various tones and writings about this software that it contains a lot of bad blood and angry feelings on the part of various parties who were involved with it over the years. While I am in no position to play referee, I thought it best just to add all sent information and let folks decide for themselves; I think the decision most people could come up with is that something as small a thing in life as a BBS Software program could still represent all the world to those involved intimately with it. This is often forgotten."

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toddknight.txt () Corrections and Separate Opinions on C-NET from Todd Knight (May 26, 2004)
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