Author: Michael R. Mossman
Versions: Version 1.03 (1990)
Additional Notes:
Command-Line "BBS" that was more of a remote access program. From the documentation:

"Maybe a better name would have been CliBBS, but I started with SerServer and so it will stay. It is a personal (with the lack of a better word) BBS program. It gives the user a full CLI with restrictions setup by the sysop. I don't like the word BBS in this case, because, any program that offers a CLI to strangers, can be a lot of trouble. I wrote the program so that I can log on to my computer from work and do all of the things that I do from home in a CLI. I do not recommend that you let any Tom, Dick or Harry in to use this program. You will end up with formatted hard drives and sleepless nights. It has three user levels, and full Zmodem UP/DOWNLOAD. It could be a very useful program for a few friends and your self to use, when working on a common project. A place to share files. It offers limited message sending and receiving."

serserver.txt () Documentation for SerServer Version 1.03 (1990)
serser.lzh () SerServer Version 1.03