Author: Jon Radoff (Original Port Author), Eric Drewery (Amiga Maintainer), Bill Bowling
Additional Notes:
A version of Paragon BBS Software, renamed to STARNET.

Has its share of controversy. From a 1991 Usenet Posting by Laurana Bailey:

"Paragon has gone through some major ups and downs over the years. Jon Radoff was porting it from the ST and the original author Eric Drewry. Well, Jon sort of dropped out of sight and left owners hanging for quite a time. Eric stepped in and bought out Jon's rights to the software and has since been re-writing it. It will change it's name back to what it was on the Atari ST, namely StarNet. From what we have heard from the beta-testers Eric has done an excellent job in cleaning up the code and getting it running faster and better than ever before. Still, however, the first release of StarNet isn't out and Eric's been at it since January or so. Slow development time seems to be a problem with Paragon/StarNet..."

Reading through the Usenet postings becomes a bit soap-opera-y. The story as it seems to be is the original name was Starnet and it was made for the Atari ST. Jon Radoff purchases the rights to the software and ports it to the Amiga. Eric Drewery purchases the rights BACK, and maintains it haphazardly until it is purchased out by Bill Bowling.

laurana.txt () Posting by Laurana Bailey regarding status and history of Starnet/Paragon (June, 1991)