Author: David Stanton
Additional Notes:
David Stanton writes in "I wrote BBS software in the 80's for the Commodore Amiga. Stasis (the name of the software) was one of the first multi line/multi threaded BBS applications for the Amiga. The software originally started as a cooperative effort (I was helping a friend fix the BBS software he was writing). Funny thing was when I started coding the software I realized that he had introduced a bug 3 months earlier that prevented the modem from answering the phone (that's when I realized that his beta testers were not actually running the code, and neither was he). After a while I realized that I was the only person writing and fixing code, so I gave him the current version of the working software and said I was going my own way with the code from that point on, (I named my branch Stasis - To achieve a stable state).. for a while I ran a 3 line BBS on my old Amiga 1000 (was still faster than PCBoard at the time. I had handwritten an interface to FidoNet and to the qwk packet (PCBoard networks), I had written a Door interface, and many ports of popular PC game doors. The software supported X, Y, Y-batch, and Zmodem transfers, and actually took the Fido file feed from the Planet Connect satellite system. Eventually Stasis died when I had to expand and could not get more serial ports in the Amiga."