Author: Rodney Martin
Versions: 2.0
Additional Notes:
The README by Rodney Martin, the Author, says "A very well written multi-user BBS program which offers all standard BBS functions as well as: AREXX standard door (OLPs) support which is compatible with most CNET arexx pfiles. Excellent multi-user conference section which is called PartyLine with custom configurations for the users. 100% detailed SySop configurable. Features not found in other BBS packages such as the ability to completely speak all partyline conference and online messages between users to the Sysop -- when the sysop is not logged in, he/she can hear all confersations between users. A unique multi-node control program which will display detailed information about all users on all nodes as well as the ability to do certain functions to each node.. (add time, level, open, close, ect...) I feel you will find this BBS program very useful."
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