Author: Nick Loman and Alex May (Later Marc Bradshaw, Neil Williams & Ian Chapman)
Additional Notes:
Alex May writes "I'm one of the original authors of the Commodore Amiga's Zeus BBS. Three years of hard work and innovation mostly wiped out by the pincer movement of an unstable future for the Amiga and the introduction of the Internet in the home. But hell, it was great fun, and our users were so very supportive and committed to the project."
hl2000.lha (4.0K) A clock for countdown to the year 2000 for Zeus BBS
chatvoyeur1.02.lha ( 20K) The Voyeur - Replacement for Zeus BBS
sendtoline20.lha ( 24K) Broadcast GUI and Shell Version for Zeus BBS
stats_1_0.lha (4.0K) Last Callers Door for Zeus BBS Systems
zapp_12.lha ( 84K) ZAPP User Archive for ZeusBBS Access
zeus.html (8.0K) History of the Zeus Project, by Alex May
zeus_upd_1_2.lha (2.0M) ZeusBBS 1.1 to 1.2 Update Pack (Requires Registration)
zeusdemo004.lzx (2.8M)
zeusdoors.lha (160K) 8 Doors for Zeus BBS, Includes Source